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Vanquish ME machine

Improve Body Contour

VANQUISH ME is a contactless solution to disrupt fat cells and improve body contour. Using patented Selective RF technology, the treatment disrupts cells through selective heating of adipose tissue that leads to the shrinkage and elimination of fat. The treatment can reduce the appearance of fat in the abdominal area as well as in the inner and outer thighs.

Ready To Go from Fatter to Flatter?

Relax While Being Treated

VANQUISH ME treatments are normally scheduled one week apart for four weeks. Each session takes approximately 30-45 minutes and patients report feeling a warm sensation in the treated area that lasts for a few hours. Those who have treatments are able to relax during their session and return to their normal activities immediately afterward.

Vanquish ME demonstration on woman's mid section

fast facts

VANQUISH ME is a non-invasive, state-of-the-art treatment that uses non-contact radiofrequency to eliminate fat. The FDA-approved device uses deep tissue heating to destroy fat cells and improve the body’s contour.

This treatment is safe for all healthy patients who have not experienced the results they want from diet and exercise and want to explore other options to reduce body fat. VANQUISH is not safe for those who are pregnant or nursing, have metal implants, or have certain medical conditions.

The VANQUISH ME treatment is painless and patients report it feels like having a heating pad applied to their body. Some patients experience warm, slightly tender skin with minor swelling and redness after their treatment. This subsides within a few hours.

There is no preparation required for this treatment.

Most patients see results after the first session, though it may take two weeks to see full results. Results are long-term and are best maintained with a healthy diet and exercise plan.

VANQUISH ME can be used to reduce fat in any area of the body. Common areas treated are the waist, muffin top area, back, hips, upper back, and outer thighs.

There is no downtime or recovery from a VANQUISH ME treatment. Patients can return to their daily activities immediately after treatment.