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Solution for Thinning Hair

Boost lost volume, improve thinning hair, and restore a youthful hairline with KeraLase.

restore thinning hair

a more youthful hairline

for men and women

Two Treatments in One

KeraLase uses a Lutronic LaseMD laser treatment and KeraFactor serum application for maximum results.

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fast facts

KeraLase is a revolutionary treatment for thinning or receding hair that combines KeraFactor Serum with a Lutronic LaseMD laser treatment. The serum is a patent-pending formula that combines seven bio-identical growth factors for scalp rejuvenation. They include growth factors like polypeptides and proteins that stimulate growth in specific tissues such as the blood vessels and hair follicles.

The Lutronic LaseMD laser preps the skin to increase absorption of the serum by creating microchannels in the scalp.

Both men and women who are experiencing thinning or receding hair can benefit from the KeraLase treatment. Those who are not good candidates include those with skin cancer, those with active infections, or those who have had an allergic reaction to KeraFactor products.

Your KeraLase treatment will begin with a scalp treatment with the Lutronic LaseMD, immediately followed by an application of the KeraFactor serum. When you have your treatment, the provider will determine whether you should receive one treatment session every two weeks for 12 weeks, or one treatment session every month for three months while also using the KeraFactor shampoo at home between each treatment.

There is no specific preparation for a KeraLase treatment.

While every patient is different, most will start to see thicker, healthier hair after three months of treatment if they are following the prescribed protocol. More improvement should be seen over the next two to four months.

KeraLase can be used on the scalp to address thinning hair or a receding hairline.

There is no recovery or downtime after a KeraLase treatment.