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EmSella machine

A Breakthrough Technology

EMsella is a breakthrough technology that treats incontinence in both men and women. This non-invasive treatment uses electromagnetic energy to re-educate the pelvic muscles and strengthen them to prevent incontinence and decrease feelings of urgency. Clinical studies on patients who have undergone the EMsella treatment found that 95% experienced an improved quality of life.

Breakthrough Treatment for Incontinence

Experience No downtime

EMsella treatments usually take around 30 minutes. We recommend having two sessions per week for a total of three weeks to experience the full benefits of the treatment. Treatments are not painful and patients report feeling a tingling sensation as well as muscle contractions during the procedure. There is no downtime after an EMsella treatment and patients can resume their normal activities immediately afterward.

EmSella consultation with doctor

fast facts

EMsella is a non-invasive technology that treats women with urinary incontinence or intimate discomfort. The treatment helps restore the control of the bladder and pelvic floor muscles.

EMsella is designed for women of all ages who experience urinary incontinence.

EMsella treatments are not painful. Most patients experience a tingling or contracting sensation as their pelvic floor muscles contract. Each session is approximately 30 minutes and it is recommended patients have treatments twice a week.

There is no preparation required for an EMsella treatment.

Some patients experience results from EMsella after their very first session and results usually improve in the weeks following treatment.

There is absolutely no downtime after an EMsella treatment and patients can go back to their daily activities immediately after treatment.