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revolutionary fractional laser

The Lutronic LaseMD is a revolutionary fractional laser device that provides gentle resurfacing with consistent results.

Uneven Skin Tone

Sun Damage



Fine Lines + Wrinkles


smoother, younger appearance

LaseMD uses non-ablative fractional laser energy to increase its permeability to absorb treatments and resurfacing it to provide a smoother, younger appearance. LaseMD can be used on all types of skin and treatments typically take less than 10 minutes. The laser can be used to treat freckles, sunspots, benign pigmented lesions, actinic keratosis, and lentigos. It’s also an anti-aging treatment that results in brighter skin and a glowing complexion.

Lutronic Laser magnified machine

fast facts

LaseMD is a treatment that stimulates collage and elastin production by gently heating the targeted tissues in the deeper skin layers while leaving the surface layer intact.

Anyone who wants younger, brighter-looking skin is a good candidate for LaseMD.

These treatments require no anesthesia and are easily tolerated by most patients with little to no discomfort. Some patients will feel a minor tingling or warm feeling during the treatment.

Many patients see visible improvement following their first session. Continued treatments will lead to improved results.

LaseMD can safely be used on any area of the body that has sun damage, fine lines, or other skin pigmentation issues. The most common areas to treat are the face, neck, chest, arms, hands, and shoulders

There is no downtime or recovery after a LaseMD treatment and patients can return to their normal daily routine immediately after a session. Some will feel a hot sensation where they had treatment for 4-6 hours afterward. It is suggested that patients wear sun screen after their treatment when they will be exposed to the sun and makeup can be worn 24 hours after treatment is completed.